THE BEAST WITHIN- Chapter Twenty-one


Check out chapter nineteen and chapter twenty.


Ada was by the door, wearing her now familiar seductive smile. The same smile that weakens Bello from the knee down and energises him from same up. Looking at her, motionless by the door, quickens his pulse and heart rate. His raging ire dissipated much faster than it had built up. He instantly forgot where he had been and about her mysterious disappearance.

She was wearing her pink transparent night gown. It was slitted delicately by the right side from the thigh all the way to the hip. It hung seductively low by two thin and weak straps, revealing her fair, ample breasts nonchalantly.

Bello gulped hard as she wrapped around him excitedly. He feigned indifference and managed to maintain a straight face. She smiled exuberantly as she let go and dragged him in. If he had planned to just knock on her door, give her a straight face and castigate her over her disappearance just 5 minutes ago, he had no memory of it. Instead, he allowed her drag him into the blue-themed room without resistance. Once the door shut behind him, he knew he was headed for the teddybear-laddened bed. He was dumbfounded as they approached the inevitable.

“I missed you,” she said, pushing him down hard.


“Oh! There you are!” Bello grinned as he retrieved his phone from behind the curtain.

“I’m gonna go clean up now. Lemme know when you’re done cooking.” he called to Ada as he motioned towards the door.

It was already approaching mid-day and the sun was already shinning brightly and intensely. Bello was doubly exhausted as he strained towards his room. Ada had gotten out of bed some few minutes before him to make his breakfast. If she noticed that he was uncharacteristically exhausted in bed, she didn’t mention it.

He opened his room and was greeted by warm, welcoming air. He dropped his dead phone on the bed and got out of his now wet cloths. Was it sweats or other fluids manly? He didn’t even bother to decipher. He just flung them into his laundry basket without a flimsy consideration for the old woman who does his laundry. The shower was cold and he was grateful for it. He ached all over. He smiled ruefully as he went through his escapades over again in his head. The ache, a satisfactory souvenir.

Ada walked into his room just as he walked out of the bathroom naked. She had a certain wild smirk on her face as her eyes trailed his wet, dark body. He dutifully grabbed the towel as she walked reluctantly to the reading table, clutching a tray of his breakfast. She left afterwards and he was mischievously happy.

He ate the hot plate of rice in record time. She had not included a glass of water but he didn’t mind. He got his own water. As he knew he would, Bello slept off sprawled on the blue rug.  If he knew he had a test that afternoon, he didn’t care, he couldn’t care.

Ada’s warm body woke him up later in the evening. She was wearing a heavily seductive cologne beneath a pink tank top. Her fair thighs were on show as she made passing efforts at covering them in her torn bum short.

“She’s so irresistible…” he thought.

She had sneaked into his room as she got bored in hers and envied him as he enjoyed his nap. She laid down right next to him, positioning her bossom in close alignment with his head. The heat and fragrance was enough to wake him from the therapeutic nap. He opened his eyes as he savoured the familiar odour. He smiled warmly and wrapped himself around her.

A few minutes later, the door suddenly swung open. Bello jumped! He looked up as he wrestled free from Ada’s tight embrace and was shocked as Adeola walked into the room unannounced. She had seen a female slippers by the door and was not about to warn him of her arrival.

She stood motionless for a few seconds, staring intently at him and the fair naked body beside him. Ada was suspiciously  calm and Bello was flabbergasted. He struggled to stand up. At that same moment, Adeola turned to leave and slammed the door shut.


15 thoughts on “THE BEAST WITHIN- Chapter Twenty-one

  1. this is more like it…….I can’t Imagine how adeola is gonna be feeling…… that is what u get,when You start giving out the cookies….. and someone should just murder bello already, he shouldn’t get away with this..

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah, it’s gonna be pretty sore being Adeola after that episode.

      Murder?! I no dey o! *picks race* :p But really, it’s not like he planned it all nah. He’s only playing the role he’s been served. 😉


  2. So glad 2 b back here! Idris wat hpned 2 ‘im ending dis at chapt 20’ (in idris voice). U can end it in chapter 100 sef cos its rily a gud piece! Kind of lyking dis trend cos Adeola nids a lil bit of harsh lesson


  3. Hmmmm! I was captured from start to the end of this chapter,Ada is so sleek,damn! Adeola!!!!! Poor little girl, she has a lot to learn. And now my Bello is in a dillema, heedriz I trust u to bring him out of it.


  4. Lol..I rili dunno what to say. My feelings about this chapter are all over the place right now..and for some reason the chapter is quite funny…Adeola has a lot to learn tho…lol..idris what do you mean my deals?smh


  5. Chai! Ada is the craziest thing since something crazier. Girls like Ada will make a man renege on his supposed resolve(and give “little man” a mind of its own) after “one or two things”. But I blame Bello all the same… okay, on second thought, maybe not so much.

    At the cross road of lust and love, it shouldn’t be much of a tough call (I think), except if the lust incarnate is the luscious (as described and as perceived/imagined :)) Ada.

    It’s a tough one on Adeola, just dunno if to describe it as disappointment or betrayal. We’ll wait and find out.

    NB: Just a moment of digression. Noticed the fair ample breast, fair thigh… fair everything. Seems fair is Depearl’s Bello’s preference/Achilles’ heel, right? That’s fair enough. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jajahahahajajajahaha… All fair everything! Bhet what’s Depearl’s own now?! I think it’s only fair to say that most, if not all ibos are fair. *straight face*

      Btw, I still dont understand why everyone has made Ada out to be the villain here. I mean, she didnt trap, seduce or steal him you know. He was single and she provided him with all he needed at his time of need. If anything, I think she should be commended for nurturing a broken heart.

      About Adeola, I still dunno what to say about the situation she finds herself. Disappointment? Maybe… Betrayal? well, that’s open to discussion.

      Finally, in five words only, BELLO CAN’T DO NO WRONG!

      Yeah, how about I digress a little bit too… little men crave such one or two things actually. They actively seek those who put them on a hollow (or otherwise) path of delirium.

      Thanks bro. 😀


  6. I don’t know If I wouldn’t be castigated if I say “well-deserved” for Adeola. Because She obviously brought this upon herself. Ada is plain faultless. She prolly doesn’t know about Adeola’s existence. Omo daada to ri nkan daada. As for bello, you only die once abeg. The deed has been done. It can either get better or worse.


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