The sun hung above in a fiery ball,

Surrounded vastly by clouds so blue

And an alluring chill to set the tone for a beautiful day.

I was out on my early morning chore,


And the moment I noticed myself noticing the dew running off a mango leaf,

I knew the day was gonna be weird.

That early, on any day,

I never get to notice anything worthwhile

As often as I would have liked.

Well, until that moment of absolute awe.

A moment so rare and fleeting,

In which I was hitherto lost.

Time stopped for approximately thirty seconds,

As I caught the most unfair sight ever.

Back against the playful sunrise,

She zoomed off sitted comfortably at the back of a motorcycle.

It must have been something the rider said,

For she beamed a beautiful smile as I caught her cologne.

No, it wasn’t really about the smile.

It was the dimples that burrowed deep into her cheek,

The 0.35cm wide diastema that cane into full view of my short-sighted eyes,

And yes!

The mole rooted at right angle to her big, pointed nose.

In that moment, nothing else mattered,

Not even the fact that I was one step away from missing my step.

There I was, awestruck,

The girl of my favourite dream,

Riding joyously into the sunrise.

If we ever meet again, I’ll have something to say…


10 thoughts on “IF WE EVER MEET AGAIN

  1. Hmmmm! All these on one creature,thank God for my diastema that I think looks like bugs bunny own sometimes tho and errmm I think I can force a one sided dimple for a picture pose…… And then the mole, I’ll just use black paint or a permanent tattoo. Here I am,girl of your dreams.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Lmaooooo! You write really well though, like really well. O ti ka awon poem lorisirisi, ori e ti fe tuka.

    But then, couldn’t you have just run after the bike?! I’m sure if you had tried for a few metres, she woulda stopped to ask what your problem was. Lmaooo! I pray you meet her again sha, maybe after she’s married.


    Liked by 1 person

    • Jajahahahajajajajaha. Thank you brother, I’m flattered though.

      Now, I thought about running after her really. You know, that would have been utterly romantic and shii… Unfortunately, it was along Gbagi road and I would have been taken as mad. 😦

      Bhet youre mean o! After she’s married bawo?! *rme*


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