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Bello knocked on Adeola’s door at about a few minutes past ten. He intended to make it very hard for her to refuse him entry. She impatiently asked who it was and got no reply. She asked again and Bello responded with yet another gentle knock on the metal door.

“That person can keep on knocking o! I’m not opening the door if you don’t tell me who you are.” She shouted angrily.

Bello responded by giving the door three short taps.

“Surely, she must recognise the ritual taps.” He thought.

If she knew it was him, she didn’t show it. One long, silent minute passed without him sensing any movement inside the room before he called her name.

“Please, open the door.” Bello solemnly said.

Adeola was obscurely raging in her head. She wanted to scream and tell him off in the loudest and harshest of voices, but she couldn’t find the voice nor the courage to. She sniffed loudly and shifted noisily on the bed.

“I guess I’ll just stay here all night then…”

The door opened a few minutes later and she stood weakly by the door, daring him to move closer to her. Bello stood up from where he sat and took two short steps towards her. He reached out and grabbed her by the waist, pulling her to himself in one strong, brisk moment. Her head was pressed firmly against his broad chest before she could protest and he dutifully dragged her inside, locking the door behind. 

“I’m so sorry,” he called richly into her left ear.

“No, you’re not!”

Adeola wriggled free from his embrace and pushed him away.

“No! You are not sorry!!”

Her eyes were burning with ire and her inflammable temper flaring. She opened the door widely, looking sternly into his eyes.

“Go back to your fair girl. Just leave me alone!”

Bello was not ready to give up without putting up a fight. He wrestled the door knob away from her tight grip and dragged the door shut. He bolted in the locks and stood firmly in front of her defiantly. Adeola hissed and walked briskly to the bed. Bello, now fired up motioned after her.

“You left me! What did you expect me to do?! Wallow in sadness or cry back to you? You only called me because you needed my company, my succour! If your dad had not been admitted, would you have called me? You outrightly told me you were done, and I was sure within my rights to move on! So stop putting the blame on me.”

Adeola looked at him with disdane.

“Ok, you’re right. Can you leave now?!”

Bello sat down beside her and made to draw her closer. She jerked away from his outstretched arm and stood up fiercely.

“You don’t even deserve to ever touch me again!”


“Is that all, are you done? Are you now satisfied?!”

Adeola fought off the tears building up in her eyes. She pushed him off of her and walked off towards the bathroom. His eyes trailed her naked body as she trodded away and he sunk into a weary guilt.

“What have I done?” he thought.

The ten minutes in the bathroom was like eternity for Adeola. She was devastated. She couldn’t believe what had happened and she felt the utmost hatred for him at that moment. She scrubbed as quickly as she could but still, it felt so slow and lazy. Like her hands have lost the will to move over her tainted body.

Bello got out of bed as soon as he heard her splashing water in the  bathroom. He quickly put on his cloths and sat regretfully sober on the white plastic reading chair by the corner of the room.

“If only I had just stayed home last night. If only I had even left before it was too late to…”

She banged the bathroom door shut and he jumped in reflex. She headed for the kitchen and rummaged through the plate rack.

“What is she searching for?!” he thought.

Bello was alarmed. Just as she emerged from the bathroom, Bello promptly stoop up from where he sat and his eyes automatically turned to her right hand.


It was empty. He moved towards her.

“Adeola, I’m so sorry… I didn’t mean to do that, I’m so terribly sorry.”

He made to grab her hand and she flinched.

“Please, don’t touch me! Not ever again!!” she shouted.

Bello was shocked but he wasn’t totally surprised at her reaction and utterance. He absolutely expected it. He moved closer to her, undeterred and went down on his knees, putting both arms around her waist.

“I’m sorry baby, you have to forgive me. I can’t live with myself if you don’t. Please…”

Bello begged, forcing sincere tears out of his eyes.



14 thoughts on “THE BEAST WITHIN- FINALE

  1. N u sed finale! R yu ok? Dis is jus d beginning o! U beta remove d finale nlet d story continue! Dis is rily touching. I feel 4 both of dem….#sniffs


  2. Dude, u gotta be kidding me.. Finale?? Ending like this… Tragedy or comedy… Newaix, I think they both got served


  3. So because he knelt and forced tears out of his eyes everything would be OK abi? are u for real?……So adeola actually slept with him again and was still forming angry?…… this your story sef get k-leg….. You better come and give it a befitting ending, something in the path of, “Adeola refused to open the door for him, he was out there for a long time, when it was evident she wasn’t gonna open the door he sank down to the floor,and gave in to the thoughts and guilt haunting him, he was there till day break,people moving out of the hostel were looking at him strangely, he was looking So haggard and depressed…… “, anything apart from he sleeping with her again…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jajahahajajajahahajjaa. Actually, I like your ending better! Lmao. But hey, this was my chance to recreate some mean hollywood final scenes, I couldn’t help it. *picks race*

      Well, by the foregoing, it doesnt look entirely like she willingly served him the cookie. More like he proving to her he can freaging touch her whenever he wants… 😦


  4. Sighs. Let me just read all the chapters again and connect the dots. This one na beginning no be end broda eedris. Beht bro bello is badht like that.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Hmmmm… I had to read it twice to get a good grasp. Lol..idris! What can I say. Well…I liked the way it ended! So no ” the beast within anymore” *tears* it was nice knowing bello adeola, boyfriend stealer ada…and others! Peace :*

    Liked by 1 person

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