Late Last Wednesday

He leaned back, fingers locked behind his head and fell slowly into the naked bed. His eyes scanned the room in search of nothing in particular, before they finally rested on the space between my two eyes. His gaze drilled a deep hole in my face and I had to take my eyes and attention off the TV, off of the movie that had distracted me from his bare chest. I stared back at his stern eyes and they pushed mine back with a vehement disposition. I was always tame at the staring game.

He smiled a rueful smile at my transient defiance and inevitable submission. How could I resist such beauty? His smile was like the break of dawn, like the bloom of the sunflower. I couldn’t resist, I couldn’t hold back the naked thoughts of his shiny oval face and chiselled trunk. Our eyes met again and that time, I smiled. I had to. How else could I have hidden the lascivious thoughts gaining momentum in my head?

We had met a few weeks earlier, accidentally from all indications and my deductions; but we can’t trust these boys can we? He had smiled on that sunny afternoon and I could have sworn his teeth sparkled. He spoke and I was lost in the stream of his words. He threw me off my feet with a simple salutation and caught me as I was about to hit the ground hard. The second time we met, almost as fortuitous, it felt like I’ve known him forever.

I visited him for the third time in three weeks just this past three days. Yes, a Wednesday. I still find it strange that each single time I had visited him, I had felt my stomach tighten in his mundane presence. For the first time last Wednesday however, I actually wished he would see the desires beneath my blunt eyes and hitherto weaken my fragile groins. I willed him to touch me, in my head that is, as I was as cold on the outside as I have ever been. Until that smile gave me away…

“Do you like the movie?” he asked, as he moved himself upwards in a particularly deliberate slow movement.

Even his mechanical drive got to me. The way his muscles rose and fell in tandem as he heaved his heavy frame up. The movements of his chest as it puffed in and out as he took deep, sharp breaths. Yes, I remained indifferent on the surface but anyone could have seen the cracks along my lines.

“It’s ok,” I said. The honest truth. Yet, I could have said “It’s awesome,” but I chose not to.

He smiled, up on his two strong feet already. He walked, again slowly, to the door, leaving me to marvel at his definite gait. He stepped out of the room and returned approximately ninety seconds later. Yes, I was counting the seconds. I was that aware of his absence.

“Had to go draw back the choke regulator,” he simply said on his return.

He climbed back on the bed and laid chest down, with both his legs raised up. I had been sitting by the side of the bed all along. He was a little distance away from me and I itched for the space to become nonexistent. Five long minutes later, his warmth grew on me. It had been inching closer as I kept my eyes fixed firmly on the TV. The space was gone, his cheek was touching my arm. It was an answer to my silent wishes. Yet, I kept my gaze straight, feigning indifference.

He stared into my eyes, breaking my forced concentration yet again. His hazel eyes of obviously staring at my big eye balls. I moved my eyes, keeping my head in its state of inertia. He held his gaze, and a straight face. It was then that I felt a fire start in the depth of my soul. His eyes burned deep into my skull like ore. That eyes, all that focus… All on me, all on me alone. I tried to return my own focus to the movie and failed woefully. I was caught in his web and I didn’t wanna struggle. I shifted uncomfortably.

Finally, he moved. I heaved slightly and I felt his breathe on my neck in response. His left hand trailed purposefully from behind, all the way around my head. It slipped through my left shoulder and rested comfortably on my left breast. Palette of colours shot through my eyes, unconsciously, uncontrollably.

“Ok! Don’t stop now,” I insidiously thought.

I lost all conscious consciousness and his left hand left whence it laid sensual siege and moved all over my sanguine, flushed face. He moved the short distance to my pink, wet lips. He brushed his index finger slowly along the terrains of my moist lower lip. He paused at the edge, giving me the impression that he was thinking of his next move. I closed my eyes and smiled.

He pushed himself down to the edge of the bed and positioned his warm body in perfect alignment with mine. He gently moved his head towards mine and kissed me.

I couldn’t stop smiling…


8 thoughts on “Late Last Wednesday

  1. Damn you bro!! You don’t just stop shiiz like this here, it’s not right, very rude, very chutzpanik I must add. What the ‘eff’ then happened?! Call me a perv all you want, I don’t care, just give the full details of how it all went already, else……..

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You couldn’t stop you say? So why did you stop? *cocks pump action* Where. Is. The. Rest. Of. The. Story?! How could you just leave me hanging like this you this mean ftrhj&%¿ writer?

    I have absolutely no idea how you write pieces like this, but it definitely sizzles.


  3. You should just start a suspense porn company or sth. Binsh. Just imagine the time I read sth like this. It is well.
    Really nice write up. PG 16.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jajahahahajajajahaha. Uhmm, I’ll consider it if you’ll consider loaning us some start up capital. :p

      I was awake at about that time too o, if only I knew you were up *sighs* lmao. :p

      Thanks b, yeah, I think I might have to start putting up parental control. 😉


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