It Hurts

It hurts, it really and truly hurts;
It shouldn’t, but it does.
It meant nothing, but it felt special.
Now it isn’t just me,
And it hurts, very much.

The thought. Oh! The thought…
The thought of just you and I;
Even though there was no US,
The thought was compelling-
The thought of you and I,
When the curtains fell…

It counts for nothing now,
‘Cause it’s not only I anymore.
The memories are tainted,
The nights maligned.

It meant nothing,
But I still feel stupid.
Knowing that it wasn’t special,
That it wasn’t only I all along
Makes me feel ordinary,
Used even.

It felt good while it lasted,
It filled the bore times…
Now, I’m just sore and
Your presence is insipid.

Now I can’t journey up,
‘Cause now they’ll giggle
And whisper,
And grumble…
“She thought she was the only one…”

I’ll swallow my pride,
Indeed, I played the fool.
You could have warned me,
I would have understood.
Now I’m caught unaware
And it hurts…


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