Sweet, Sweet Joy


It’s in the way you smile-
Big, bright, teeth revealing beam,
Bordered by thin, pink lips. 
It’s in your witty sarcasms-
Endearing and frustrating in equal measure.
It’s in the way you giggle-
Making that annoyingly seductive sound,
And how your big nose twitch thence. 

It’s the joy you bring,
Sweet, raw joy! 
How you maintain your ethereal presence
Moves beyond my mundane comprehension. 
Hey, I don’t even want to understand it!

Everyday, all day… 
Every ticking moment I get to spend with you,
I’m gonna surf it like the blue ocean wave;
Ride it like the magical Aladdin’s mat
And let it take my spirit and soul
To the sweet, sweet lands beyond.

Tomorrow is too far away,
I choose to ignore what it holds
And damn what it might bring. 

Today! Yes, today.
I choose today! 
Today, I choose to be lost… 
I choose to be lost in the sweet, sweet joy you bring. 


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