He came from across the Niger,
With all his beauty and danger.
Even though he was a stranger,
I familiarized him with my hunger.

He looked a little bit vile
And his words were pretty rile,
But he was very far from being fragile.

Oh yes, he was a soldier-
Tall, dark and agile,
With a broad shoulder
That made me shudder.

He unbuttoned his blue shirt,
Revealing his scary hairy chest…
All the while staring at my breasts.

He touched my face
And grabbed my waist,
Dragging me towards him in one swift movement.

He hummed a hymn
As he captured the moment,
And that was when I knew
That it so wasn’t gonna be a still, silent night.

It was however a hot night
And I made every attempt to sleep light.
He put off the lights
And clung tight,
Poking me with his taut staff.

I wish I was frigid,
But I couldn’t help but give in.
I breathed in
As he aligned the digits,
His sheer strength did it
And I felt it in my spine as he drilled it…

Now he is gone
And I wish he hadn’t come.
I never came.
I sure know how to pick ’em!


15 thoughts on “Strings

  1. Hmmmmm! Im so glad readin a lot of poems frm u has helped me 2 undastnd so many poems. No 1 wryts beta dan u idris! Luvly n beautiful piece dear!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Bwqhahahah. The last 5 last line got me cracking. Talk about double meaning….
    Good piece depearl. I always have issues with poems buh you made this one simple enough..#wink. I love the rhymes…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hehe, lemme goan sheck it again… Lmao. Thanks bunny, I’m glad I painted this in plain colours. Hehe, some pun out there, yeah? Not to be confused with porn tho. Jajajhahajajahahaja.

      Yeah, btw, my eyes actually skipped the second ‘last’ on first read. I’ll be sure to hit up WordPress to see into the edit button. 😀


    • Jajajhahajajahahaja. You’re sure taking me up on this nose thingy. Ok o. I doubt she got a chance to actually scan his face though. But ain’t all soldier boys big nosed? 😉


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