I’ve been pretty lazy,
And a tiny little bit hazy.
The inactivity was beginning to drive me crazy,
But I couldn’t afford to be hasty.
I’ll say my patience finally paid off,
Or maybe, just maybe
Providence decided to beam a warm smile on me…

It was during one of my wild roves
That I stumbled upon a white dove,
Perched upon a golden stove.
Elegant, meek and innocent
The quintessential trove.

It stared at me with a silent gaze
And stood its righteous but mean ground,
Daring me to make the first move.

I harried,
As I’ve never been one to be deterred
Even by such stout stand.
My first mistake?

I drove at it
And made to give a fair shove.
But by jove, it bolted…

I walked home crestfallen,
Reminiscing on my failed exploit,
Yet again.
I vowed never to repeat my mistakes
But I couldn’t help but think about what could have been.

There it was,
The object of my transient ache
Nestled on my front porch…


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