Brakes And Fakes


Hit the brakes,

We need a break.

Please, don’t ask me why for God sake!

Of course it ‘may’ be hard to take, 

But having nothing betters owning fakes.

I’m here munching on my flakes,

Thinking about all the cakes

That you used to bake

For my sake.

The butt that you used to shake

And the cologne you leave in your wake. 

That time by the lake,


The one time we went in naked-

One of the thoughts I can’t forsake. 

I never used to be a rake

Until you trapped me in your quake.

Now I stay awake

Because these dreams make me shake. 

You said anything could happen tomorrow, 

Almost twice in a row.

I choose to borrow 

A leaf off your sublime book now.

I’m done sucking on the lime

And wasting my time.

Today, I choose to hear the chime 

Calling me to a better clime,

And maybe I’ll save a dime… 


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