Blight, Fight And Light


The usual steps I took

So why am I in the hook? 

I knew it should have been by the book, 

But with that alluring look, 

No one could blame me for hitting the nook. 

The usual route I plied, 

But I knew i should have loosened the tie…

Again, with a throat so dry, 

It was next to impossible to shy

Away from the juicy pie. 

So,  now I’m here, 

Thick oily smoke filling my rear

Following an unnecessary fry. 

It’s so hard resisting the tears, 

It’s so hard not to cry

Knowing that the end is near. 

Into the blank space I stare

And as much as i try, 

I can’t seem to shake the fear

That has found its way to my hair, 

Threatening a devastating tear.

I wish I could grow wings to fly

Out of this arduous plight. 

Here I am,  in so tight, 

Disparate thoughts blind my sight

And blank are all the nights. 

Shouldn’t morn usher in new light? 

Today,  I seek out all the major rights, 

Away from all the stinging bites. 

This is not a new fight, 

But about time we cured the blight. 


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