Within And Without


Of scented roses and petaled lilies 

Velvet gloves and blinding stones
Shiny sun and blue, rich skies
Sweet melodies and eargasms-
Life is as beautiful as we choose to see it.

It demands not to be taken seriously 
For our own little sakes
We only need just glide through it
Doing our utmost to stay right
‘Cos either way, it revolves still.
Of scarred thoughts and scare crows
Teary eyes and swollen lips
Crushed dreams and fading stars
Heartbreaks and grounded hopes-
Life has its mean ilks. 
It randomly dishes out melancholy
Induces pain and tears like onion layers
Rains monsoon when all is needed is sunshine
And rarely gives what is expected
Or indeed needed.
Does today’s agony lasts forever?
Tomorrow almost always offers fresh promises
Promises of new birth and fresh springs
Soothing growth and sweet dreams…
But again,
Is tomorrow guaranteed? 
Three things are however certain-
Yesterday is gone,
Today is now
And tomorrow is not guaranteed promised.

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