Game of Wants


The game of love

A game of wants…

Seismic depths of gusts 

Hard to fill

Harder to clog.

The more it is filled

The more it is dug.

Desires spilling from brimmed cupids

There are no incentives

And no inclinations to hold back

Until the days of sored backs.

Nothing is needed or indeed asked for

But everything is primed forth

Through insinuation and induction.

Control is laid bare

And its assumption is made clear. 

Only if we knew better

That it’s all clouds

Thick, formless and gaseous air.

We know not 

So we grapple on loose ends

And tighten feigned knots.


We can’t decipher that it’s all imagery

Virtual, conjured images.

And when we turn and expect to be chased

We are disappointed in our folly

As it had never been about us

All was ever in times and passing.

Fleeting emotions

Accumulated gasms and tended expulsions-

Time and wants.

Until love makes us dream

Of nothing sweet or slew

But actual views of years ahead,

Until we can’t even dream 

Because we are fully awake

Thinking about distant souls

Which draw simple, honest smiles,


Until love makes us see ourselves 

In someone else’s clear view,

Nothing is ever gonna change.

We are all just gonna keep playing

The exciting game of wants.


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