A Bake


She was wearing nothing but a smile

As I sat across the room

Staring at her blossoms.

The pink apron hung delicately on her long neck

Resting seductively across her ballerina-like shoulders

And stopped just above the lacy briefs

Yes, you guessed it, pink!

She spared me occasional glances


That smile could melt a frozen heart.

I walked over, 

Picked three eggs

And cracked them open…

All the while staring at her red, bare lips

As she poured out flour into a blue bowl.

The egg yolk laid bare in a pool of albumen

And I stood still as she stirred it into a mixture.

The mixer sent sensual vibrations to her chest

As I watched with keen interest.

I snapped out of a certain reverie

As she poured the batter into a love shaped cake pan

And carefully placed it into the already heated oven.

A short while later

The pink themed room was filled 

With a distinct vanilla smell.

My nostrils twitched accordingly 

And savored the sweetness 

While my lips were treated to tasty whipped cream-

Wait! Where did that come from?!

The curtains fell

And a very short while later,

The room was filled with the smell of burning cake.


12 thoughts on “A Bake

  1. Pray tell, how did the cake get burnt?

    *sighs* The many things that can happen when the curtain falls. 🙂

    Funny how he got the hang of cake making in no time. The teacher and the teaching process do really matter after all.

    Nice one bruvv.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lmao! No bro, we don’t kiss and tell! :p Btw, that’s the idea nah, things are supposed to happen that’s why we let the curtains down. Jajajhahajajahahaja.

      My brother, no be small thing o. You’ll be surprised how easy some things could be with the right motivation. Lmao.

      Thanks chief.


  2. Lol…and the cake just had to get burnt :D. I love the witty feel of this piece and the dicdactic; don’t leave a cake in the oven whilst you “go off on a journey” and leave it to a heated battle…! Nice piece Heedriz.

    Liked by 1 person

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