Kelekele Love


There is no point being in a relationship with someone who isn’t proud to have you…

Recently, I’ve been inundated with display pictures as above on BBM, mostly by ladies frustrated about the lack of ‘advertisements’ by their boyfriends. You know, the bae display pictures, #WCW and #MWME hash tags, the ‘I love you’ pms and all. Wheew, all these shht is intense you know, hehe.

Our ladies should know for fact that sometimes, it’s not all doom and gloom. I mean some guys just don’t know how to openly profess their love and affection, especially on BBM. Some are not really romantic and others prefer the low key kinda relationship; ‘you and me’ sturvs, nothing concern the world. They just wanna enjoy their relationship in peace. 


Anyway, I still don’t understand why we would wanna hide our loved ones from the world. I mean, isn’t that basic? Except maybe there is another person comfortably nestled on their BBM contact list that they don’t wanna spook. Hmmm, that actually makes sense. Main chick/side chick conundrum.

Personally, I believe we should never have to wonder where we stand with people we love. So yeah, if they are proud of it- what they’ve got- they should be able to show it off. I think it is that simple, everything being equal.

But again, isn’t everyone entitled to their privacy? Should it be all puppy and dove?! Hehe, maybe not… Not until she starts to think there are two or more significant others on your list which warrants your anonymity.

I hate to rant on this one, so why exactly would we want to keep our significant other in wraps?

β€’Another significant other?
It is not rocket science. If I have one or more ‘babies’ (do I? It’s hypothetical you know), it would be normal for me to stick with texts, templates, landscapes etc as my display pictures on BBM (which I do) or keep my pictures running all year round. I mean, there shouldn’t be any conflict of interests, right? It’ll be safe for me to restrain from putting up any of their pictures except on their birthdays. πŸ˜€ Better still, (if push comes to shove), I could put up a friendly smiley to accompany their pictures. Works all the time. (PS, this ain’t no DIY on cheating!)


β€’ Not romantic?
OK, apart from the obvious, some people are naturally not romantic, shy maybe. But hey, is there anything like being timid in love? *Pensive* I believe love demands show off, it begs to be seen, heard and appreciated. Love demands attention. If you can’t give it all it requires and feeds off, their is no point being in a relationship.


In conclusion, some of us are genuinely private. Please respect that… enough said! *rotfl*


…I no do kelekele love o…

Btw, I know this is so biased. I mean I was way too much on the side of the ladies. Well, maybe I’m a feminist or more likely, maybe I feel sorry for them. I’m sorry guys, part two?


12 thoughts on “Kelekele Love

  1. heedriz just hit the nail on the head. Hehehhe. You kinda talked about both sides tho not like you favored the ladies. Good job again on this one. God bless you,your mind, body and soul.

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  2. This is a beautiful one…..pouring out d mind of all ladies. Aldo I think I prefer my man n woman alone kind of relationship. Almost no nid telling the world. Jus enjoy d moment of bliss yl it lasts. Thumbs up Heedriz Depearl

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  3. displaying a picture does not prove he or she loves you or there is no other person they are loving.
    Mutual understanding and trust is lacking if such triviality should define love.
    Well Nig females (not all) are rare species anyway so am not surprised that they dwell on such frivolous stuff…(too tired to complete thisπŸƒ)

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  4. Well well, what was I gon say?! *pensive* Ok, here it is, it’s in both ways, you scream it out to the whole world or you decide to do it lowkey, one man’s favourite food is another man’s allergy.
    Either ways has its pros and cons; you do it the lowkey way, ‘they’ say you ain’t prouda ya girl, ya girl says you got another girl on the other side. You scream it out to the whole world, ‘they’ say you making too much noise about it all, and they ask you to chill.
    So, i’ll say, do whatever pleases you and your girl or guy, and tell the rest of the world to go eat cactus fam.

    I got a girl I’m so so proud of, and I do whichever pleases me at any point in time. I don’t give an F about what ‘they’ all say or think.

    Need to catch up with work. I’m outta here blood!

    BTW, your write up at times makes me think someone else composes for you and all you do is drop it on here making us think you did. But then, watchyu gon gain from doing that?! Nice job. Keep it up.

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    • Wow, Mr Jay bares it all mightily as usual. You’ve said it all bro, as at the end of the day, it’s just all about two people and not the world. Well said brah, well said.

      I’m flattered that with all that workload you still have the time to come here and comment unreservedly. Thanks brah, I appreciate you.

      Yeah, about the composition, sometimes I can’t understand the mode I get in sometimes. But if it’s not my work, I’ll surely give credits. πŸ™‚


  5. There are fundamental facts we can’t deny:
    β€” there are lots of cheats, “samplers”, players, etc.;
    β€” monitoring spirits abound in our contacts;
    β€” some just have a really high “bae-turnover” (for whatever reason there is);
    β€” many are publicity-intolerant; etc.

    At the end, it’s just a matter of the fact(s) that relate(s) to us. Personally though, Bbm update isn’t a proper index for measuring how much I love bae β€” even billionaires don’t display/cruise their Ferrari LaFerrari all the time!

    Well done bruvv.

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    • Facts well stated bro! You couldn’t have said it any better. Jajajhahajajahahaja. πŸ˜€

      I do relate with the ferrari display by billionaires too. After all, bi ishu eni ba jinan tan, a ma n da owo boo je ni. πŸ˜‰

      Thanks chief, as always.


  6. This matter ehen! I’m actually caught in between cos one moment I feel do what you feel like!(most of the time I wanna put my lover on display) next minute I’m like reciprocate what he is giving you, of which most of the times this niccurs don’t display πŸ˜•πŸ˜Ÿ. Oh well with time and loads of heart break I decide to keep the lover outta my DP 😐 and publicly declaring like oga jay couture did! I have no lover at the moment! and I’m just stuck with displaying any fine boy picture I see to make any dude I’m crushing on jealous. Lol

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    • Tbh, I think this is exactly what we all go through. Caught in between doing what we feel like and reciprocity. And at the end of the day, time has shown us some things are better off being either silent or mutually loud. πŸ˜€

      I like the idea of displaying cuties tho. πŸ˜‰ Enough said, before I get myself into trouble. Jajajhahajajahahaja.

      Thanks Jolie.


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