The Beast Still Within E3

Dayo kept an absent minded gaze at the big cinema screen, checking the time on his phone after every breath he took. Five minutes, ten munites… The digital clock kept counting.

“What could be taking so long, what exactly was the strange call from her mom about?” He thought on end.

Surely, she definitely wouldn’t have left him without a goodbye. Getting restless, he opened his recent call directory and dialled her number. No answer. Her line wasnt busy, which means she was off the initial call. He stood up and made his way gently out of the middle row he was sat. He stepped on a few toes and promply apologised on the move. Out of the row of seats onto the walkway, he made his was down the gentle slope of stairs that led to the exit and out of the dimly lighted cinema room. He looked around the lobby of the cinema and hastened past the box office and out of the building. She was nowhere to be found. Outside, he dialled her number once again and got the ‘number switched off’ prompt. Dayo was visibly distraught and he didn’t know whether to be mad at her for running off on him or be sympathetic to an assumed mishap conveyed by the phone call she received. He hailed a cab and headed home. All the while taking wild guesses at what could have made her run off unannounced.

Seated next to him in the old cab was a fat middle-aged woman that smelled entirely of rotten fish. He kept his face permanently positioned by the window all through the short journey and savoured the frisk wind as it doused the irritating smell of the woman. He was cramped to the door side and ultimately had a rigorous and unpleasant ride home.

“I should have boarded a motorcycle…”


Ada stared at her filthy room with unalloyed contempt. The red rug was covered in thick layers of dirt and sections where rats marked as their lavatory, small black droppings as evidence. The corners were intricately decorated with cobwebs and cockroach cacoons. The whole room smelled of ammonia. ”

Wait, ammonia?!”

She heaved exasperatingly as she took the big, bold step into the room. Left foot first. The once soft and fluffy rug was all coarse and sully. The yellow and purple minions came to her mind. She reluctantly dropped her big hand bag on the dust stained bed and located her equally filthy broom. She made half-hearted attempts at brooming off the cobwebs and hit angryly at two spiders that had stubbornly refused to leave their abode. Two corners down, she gave up.

“There is no way I’m sleeping in this room tonight!”

Ada had spent a total of twenty eight days away from the hostel. She left a day after a certain dark girl walked into Bello’s room. She knew it had to be his girlfriend judging from both their reactions. She obviously left the hostel to prepare for the examinations. More apparently however, she left because she couldn’t stand seeing him after his infamous dash. She had long suspected he had a girlfriend and he was just rebounding off her, but the reality was a sore lime. It was not lost on Ada that Bello was in love with the girl he practically left her to chase, it was obvious. It was however very disheartening, she thought it was all hers.

Being away from the hostel and the looming examination took her mind off him. She buried herself in her books and was lucky enough to be in the company of serious minded friends. That was the plan all along. Yet, two days after the examination and back within touching distance of him, repressed emotions rose from within, threatening to forcefully erupt. Not wanting to reveal how much she missed him, she slowly picked up the broom and set about cleaning up her room. After all, the only other alternative is to walk out of the filthy room and follow the alluring sound of music pouring slowly into her eardrum, tap softly on a certain iron door and collapse into his warm, strong chest as he gently opens the door. Be gone satan! Ada giggled softly at the thoughts taking root in her head.

It would be as hasty as it would be sweet. Hence, that night, she repressed the seductive allure of the guy next door and tried so hard to think about how much of a player he is. Fifty arduous minutes later, Ada smiled satisfactorily at the mediocre cleaning job she did. A long, cold shower later, she went out snoring deeply on the bed.  


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