Side Dude



I can’t seem to walk;

Only my head seems to work

With thoughts revolving like a clock

Culminating into a migrain stock.

It shouldn’t have come as a shock

I should have smelt it from a block

But with my head against an imaginary glock,

I couldn’t pry the locks.

I’m caught in a slippery mockery

And if anything,

I’m now fully aware of my Southern boundary

The area of all things dry and sundry. 

It hurts,

Or maybe I’m not

But i sure feel the rot

And the smirk their faces cut

Everytime I smile innocently at them

Knowing fully well I’m playing the fool.

I cut a lonely figure,

Forlorn and withdrawn

I keep telling myself I’m not a bore

But I only find solitude in your company.

Quickened heart beats and heightened pulse,

It’s impossible to put these thoughts on pause

The thoughts of their pitied thoughts

And of a knowledge they think I don’t share.

I try to be warm and friendly

But beneath their forced smiles and gestures

I can smell the obscure giggles and chuckles-

“He thinks he’s the only one.” 


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