The Beast Still Within E4


The examination couldn’t have come at a worse time for Adeola. Dealing with the melancholy of her dad’s worsening condition judging by the daily updates she got from her mom and the seemingly unrepressed thoughts of Bello and the huge scar he left openly on her heart which seem to deepen as days passed. The arrival of Fola didn’t seem to sooth her devastation as she hoped it would. Lonely and buried in her own hand dug solitude, she can’t seem to share the despicable act she faced in her absence in the hands of a supposed boyfriend. Keeping the whole thing from everybody made her reclusive and she inadvertently retreated back into her heated shell.

Into the lecture-free week, she was still forcefully hurting. More from her own stupidity and naivety than anything he did.

“Who leaves a date and run to an ex?”
She’d asked herself that rhetorical question million times. Her restlessness and anger grew as the examination approached. Everything seemed to be up against her and she just couldn’t find the desire or urge to study appropriately. She knew she would flunk the examination, it was inevitable. She didn’t absolutely care anyway, she dropped into third-class the semester before and couldn’t think of anymore harm her degree could suffer.

Bello had stopped the annoying apologetic texts and she was glad. At least that was one less thing to worry about. However, the hurt Dayo must have gone through made her feel like a very bad person. She didn’t pick her calls or answer his texts either because she didn’t know how to explain the whole thing to him. She knew she should have, but the transient comfort of Bello’s solace deadened her reasoning. With everything that went down afterwards, she felt so ashamed of herself and couldn’t muster the courage to call him. Two days to the beginning of the examination however, Adeola woke up to a strange nauseous feeling. She barely got out of bed and felt light headed and sluggish. She felt sick and had a certain perpetual urge to retch after each meal. She would eventually shake it off though and thought nothing of it afterwards.

Fola was fully aware of her obvious withdrawal, but as she’d learnt in the past, she knew she would seek her out when she was ready. Hence, she refrained from pressuring her. Fola knew that her dad was in a coma and realised that could be the reason for her continued caginess. She however tried to cheer her up often and pushed her to study especially in the last few days to the examination. She practically dragged her to night classes in the last three days and would spend the afternoon in her room, just so she wouldn’t be lonely.

Adeola had Fola to thank for the “successful” completion of the examination. Fola strategically placed the best brains in the Physics Department around her in every paper. Adeola seldom have meaningful chats with those three guys before but they treated her like their bosom friend and made sure she answered every question correctly. She felt embarrassed at the arrangement but didn’t complain. She knew the alternative would be daunting and she just allowed herself to be pampered.

There was this particular dude that especially made it a duty to check up on her before every paper. She barely knew him even though they numbered just close to sixty-five in the class. He must be one of those guys that seldom come for lectures and are only seen during tests and examinations. She knew he must be friends with Fola, judging from his calm and homely approach. He reminded her of Dayo; tall, dark and handsome. He also had a strangely seductive smile and pink lips. If not for his deep voice, bulging Adam’s apple and well toned, muscular chest, anyone would have thought he was a transgender.

The examination ended on a very high note for Adeola. Fola had managed to bring her out of her iron shells and she had renewed her bonds with her. She couldn’t recall his name but the cute guy was intriguing too. She loved the wave of intrigue surrounding him. Fola had also annoyingly decided not to give her any meaningful gist about him. The euphoria of the successful completion of the examination got to Adeola and it wasn’t until three days later when she was planning to finally travel back home that she realised that her menstrual flow was running more than two week late.Β 


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