The Beast Still Within E6


Adeola sat at the edge of her bed. It was 3am in the morning and she’d been up all night, unable to summon the transient peace called sleep. She stared into the dark part of the room, devoid of the rays of light seeping through the underneath of the closed door of the bathroom. She wanted to stand up and switch off that light too, but she was too weak and too distant to physically leave her crampled position on the bed.

She was lost in a dark, eerie reverie, silently sifting through all memories with Bello in them. It was not all gloomy, at least not really until that final night; yet, she vehemently wished she had not met him. She wished she had not gone to use the ATM machine on that bright day and wished she had not been so naive to fall in love with a cute boy on first sight. She wished for so many things and the thought of Bimpe filtered through her porous mind. If only she had been as prudish as she was or even had just listened to her. Even Fola’s reservations came back to bear. She seemed to have a better insight into the concept of dating and relationships. She knew she should have shared her restraints. But no, she felt she needed to enjoy the release and explore.
“Damn you Bello, Damn you!”

The ruins of her life laid imaginatively on her mind and she couldn’t help but think just how well her life could have turned out if she had made other choices, better choices; if she had not met him. She searched for tears but mysterious couldn’t get any to roll down her eyes. The deed had indeed been done and she understood that not even crying or being devastated on a daily basis could take her back to the sweet eighteen year old virgin.

There was nothing else to do than to tell Fola. She is the only one she could actually tell who would know what to do. Reaching the obvious conclusion, her tear ducts opened willingly and willfully like a dam and warm, agonizing tears streamed down somewhat happily. She spread out her legs, sank back first into the naked bed and allowed for nature to take its course.
Adeola woke up very late into the morning. She struggled to get out of bed as she was aching all over. She had spent the entire night thinking and sulking. She woke up naked, sore and bitter. She trod off the bed and wrapped herself up with the cover cloth and headed out of the room to finally go talk to Fola.

Fola kept a straight and serious face as she listened with rapt attention. She barely showed any emotion when Adeola announced that she was pregnant either.
Have you done a real pregnancy test yet?” She asked, with a soul piercing gaze.

“No, but I’ve googled some of the signs I’m seeing and it all points to it, plus my period is running uncharacteristically late.”

Fola stood up from the white plastic chair, “First things first, you have to do a laboratory test to confirm. You can’t be going on signs, speculations and paranoia.”

Even if you’re indeed pregnant, you’re a big girl, you’ll have to take care of it. Except you really do want to keep it. Oh, have you told him yet?” She continued.

“No.” Adeola said bluntly.

“Tell him already! Either ways, he has to be apprehensive too!” Fola shouted.

I’ll take you out to a laboratory later, we’ll see what we’ve got and what we can work with. Or do you want to keep it?”

Adeola bursted into huge tears. “How could I have a baby now?!”



6 thoughts on “The Beast Still Within E6

  1. Well………..maybe its gud shes pregnant sef so dey cn marry n end of story……..buh y is she killing hersef over feelings she cant change


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