Sanguine Ink


From a shrieking heart

Via the aorta

Comes sanguine words

Writhing in pain

As every syllable drips

Warm oxygenated blood. 

How well to write each word

Than with true, native blood 

Illuminating the levity of each line.

The syringe is my pen

My ink?

That should be obvious by now.

My five pints won’t suffice though

So I breathe my last words. 


8 thoughts on “Sanguine Ink

  1. Something just isn’t right here. Well, I’m not too concerned about your last breath like so so, but then, I still need you to keep dropping your comments on my channel, so, I’d buy you u a carton of indelible pens, so you don’t ‘die troway’ while writing with that precious red ink.

    Nice one bruv. 💯

    Liked by 1 person

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