The Beast Still Within E7


Bello had had his music on since the break of dawn, having been awoken from an alluring, sweet dream. The white lights were on as he staggered back to bed, pulling the duvet over his goose bumped body. The rhythm and beats blaring softly from his 30W home theatre sound surround system sent sensual waves all over him as they bounced off the walls. He closed his eyes as he let the music take control.
The annoying shouts of the beans-cake hawker woke him up at a little before 10am. The music had stopped playing and mysteriously so. He figured power must have been seized and restored some time before he woke up. He scampered out of bed as he sensed the fading voice of the hawker. Out in the corridor in his white spotted, blue shorts, he yelled at the hawker.

The girl spurned almost instantly and was happy to walk back to him. She stopped a few steps to him and he followed the suspicious trail of her eyes which led somewhat embarrasingly to his aroused ‘johnson’.

Dismissing the dumbfounded look on the girl, “Ta oni #50 fun mi.”

The girl jerked out of her flabbergasted reverie and brought down the white container on her head. She picked a page from an old newspaper and hand picked five balls of beans-cake into it.

“Haba, don’t you have a fork?!” Bello yelled in disdane.

The girl ignored him and handed him the wrap, taking the crisp 50 naira note in return. She glance down at him one more time and briskly turned, this time deciding to hold the container by the handle. Bello could have sworn she intentionally swayed her bum seductively.

“She’s like twenty-what?”Β  He smirked.
Just as he made to turn a certain 90Β° back towards his room, he noticed a pink sandal rightly nestled on Ada’s doormat. He gasped!

Shirtless and with a bulging short, he tapped gently on her door. Not the usual three short taps, he intentionally didn’t, not wanting to give anything away. He heard water running in the bathroom for a brief seconds before it stopped. The bathroom door flung open as far as he could tell and he could visualise her walking naked out of the bathroom. He huskily tapped at the door again and he revelled in the voice that trailed her response.
“Who’s it?!”

In response, he gave yet another loud tap. He could hear her getting into a cloth and cursing under her breathe. He chuckled.
She asked rather loudly who it was as she walked towards the door adorning her pink pyjamas.
“It is I!”

Everything seemed to freeze as he replied and he could hear her stop abruptly in her steps. Inside, her hand froze on the door knob and outside, his heartbeat agonisingly increased and raised its beats. His pulse quickened and as a result, his ‘johnson’ nodded its approval.

The door slowly opened and she stood staring straight into his hazel eyes. She kept a straight face but her heart was beating fast and hard. His lips parted into one of the most beautiful smiles she had ever seen as he lurged forward and clasped her in a tight embrace.
“How could you be so mean to me?” He whispered softly into her tender left pinna.

Unconsciously, she drew him into herself more tightly and soaked in the warmth and crust of his bare, hairy chest. He needed no response, after all actions speak pretty much louder than words, written or spoken. Taking the initiative, he swept her off her feet in one brisk, bold maneuver and before she could open her eyes to understand what had happened, she was nestled in all her sumptious curve and grace in his strong, cupped arms. He closed the door with one swift swing of his right heel and carried her confidently deep into the belly of the pink themed room. He laid her on the fluffy, robust and untidy bed, all the while breathing deep and warmly into her beautiful, fair face.


6 thoughts on “The Beast Still Within E7

  1. Ion know why I feel so angry right now self! I think Bello is a confused fellow! I didnt see that coming though! Well done Depearl
    #thumbs up


  2. Rotfl. When he realizes he’ll be a father his johnson will stop misbehaving. Yeye man. But that Ada girl sef!! Anyway, looking forward to the next episode. Well done brother Idris!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lolz. Haba don’t hate on the nigga nah. You know some things are out of conscious control right? Especially where the lil johnson is concerned. πŸ˜‚πŸƒDont threaten him biko, wetin sef?! πŸ˜›
      Thanks sister Mahy.


  3. *coughs* Whenever I read “sizzling” episodes like this, the strange cough sets in. Pardon me.

    I fear the intensity of the relationship between Bello and Schlong Johnson won’t get him in trouble. He’s single and thus should mingle you say? Continuuuu!

    Liked by 1 person

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