The Now

Found myself wide awake

In the middle of a cold night

Forced up by a spine chilling mare

Breathless and shivering.

I needed to calm my nerves

I reminded myself twas just a dream

It didn’t seem to help

But at least my pulse held.

I searched my memory box

For events sweet and rousing

I indulged myself, 

Sifting through them.

They must have felt good at the time

But now, 

They’re trite and insipid

Makes you realise the past is really of no value.

What matters

And what will always matter

Is the present

And what we choose to do in the now.

So don’t hold back

Say goodbye 

Relish the present and the events

Insert your being and soul into it

Because tomorrow, 

It won’t really matter anymore.


8 thoughts on “The Now

  1. Today is the only real part of our lives. Today, we live. No one knows what tomorrow will bring. We believe the best but still, we only have today. Tomorrow isn’t promised.
    I wish I could frame those words and hang them up for all my friends and acquaintances to see/read. Great and true lines bro!


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