The Beast Still Within E9


Bello was on third base when his phone rang. It was a very slow “Westlife” ringtone that he so specially assigned to Adeola’s contact. However, deep into Ada’s burrows and reeking of pure, raw sensual ecstasy, Bello couldn’t distinguish between Ada’s sonorous moans and the tone emanating from his phone. Again it came and at that second time, he was in the middle of a forceful expulsion, his head tightly held against Ada’s fair and ‘D-cup’ bossom. He screamed, uncharacteristically and the ringtone again drowned in the sea of his pleasurable groan.

“Why do I have the feeling that you’re making up for lost times?” Ada teased, working her hand unapologetically on his now flacid and slimy ‘johnson’. Bello giggled and twitched at intervals. He spread out his legs for maximum pleasure and watched his little man nod its head like the multicolored agama lizard. He roared with excitement and positioned her rightly parallel to his body. She smirked and guided his taut staff right into a dripping and welcoming honey jar. She rode him like a pony, doing all the dirty and thrusting work, leaving him to savour the dripping ecstacy. He was well positioned with his head against the fluffy pillow while she adjusted her position at intervals, between bracing herself on her elbows and sitting up on him. Her eyes fluttered shut and she arched against his hairy frame, brushing her chest against his in one last deep exhale. He came and conquered and she felt his heart pounding against her fragile, fair chest.

His phone made a short, sharp beep. He knew it was a text message and the thought consciously slipped through his mind twice as fast. He kissed Ada’s nose, cheek, lips and forehead. She kept her eyes shot as she savoured the wet touches on her make-up free face. His right hand explored every inch of her torso. He reveled in her scent and taste, he could have sworn lactose was around somewhere.

“Why don’t you ever use protection, why do you always have to mess up my bedspread with all that liquid?!” Ada jeered, as she made her way into the bathroom.
Boy champion was too tired to even voice a response however. He simply eyed her swaying naked bum. He rolled over to the not-so-wet part of the bed and saw Ada’s phone stuck by the wall. He swiped to unlock and he was greeted by a smiling face of a very bearded man.
He quickly proceeded to the picture gallery heart-in-mouth and behold, a very dense folder containing varying pictures of the ‘Rick Ross’ figure. He closed it and proceeded to check her whatsapp messenger. He wished he hadn’t.

Ada came out of the bathroom butt naked and could clearly see that something was wrong from the looks on his face. He picked up his shorts from the edge of the room where it had landed earlier from her vigorous toss and briskly left the room. She couldn’t quite understand what was going on and was too dumbfounded to even speak.

Bello had a very quick bath and headed out. He hailed a bike and rode to the school clinic.

“Have you told him?” Fola immediately asked, upon entering Adeola’s room.

“I’ve texted him, he wasn’t answering my  calls.” She tamely replied.

“Ok, come on, let’s get you to the clinic.”

They headed to a private hospital in town to confirm the pregnancy and get a quick solution to it, if need be. Fola had been to the hospital on a number of occasions, to sort herself out and also help out others. It didn’t feel like a big deal to her, but to Adeola, her world was crumbling. She couldn’t believe she had gone so south amd kept wondering where she took the wrong turn exactly. They alighted in front of a small bungalow, painted white with a large inscription boldly placed on the building- Hope Hospital.

Fola stepped confidently through the front door and into a large reception area. It was unusually quiet and Adeola was glad there was next to nobody around. She was quite embarrassed as it was. Fola told her to sit by one of the benches and proceeded towards the two nurses seated behind a counter. She spoke softly to them and pointed towards her. The nurses nodded and one emerged from the counter and walked towards her whild Fola continued her inaudible chat with the other nurse.

“Good afternoon, please follow me.”
Adeola stood up quietly and followed the nurse to a small waiting room. The nurse picked up a syringe and tied her arm by the bicept. Her veins popped up and the nurse pierced her soft delicate skin without warning. She winced and looked away as blood streamed into the syringe.
“You can go back to the reception.”


8 thoughts on “The Beast Still Within E9

  1. Don’t know why it seemed short tho but it actually isn’t. Brother bello e ku aiye o. No protection?? Hmmmn. Okay o. Looking forward to episode 10. Fingers crossed.


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