The Beast Still Within Finale


Adeola returned to the front desk and Fola was still engrossed in chatters with the other nurse. She took the seat she earlier vacated and coughed gently. Fola turned, smiled and walked towards her.
“She has taken your blood sample right?”
Adeola nodded affirmatively.

“Ok, give it like twenty minutes.”

Adeola shifted uneasily on the bench. Her heart was beginning to race and she was beginning to envisage the abortion process.

“I spoke to her- pointing at the dark skinned chubby nurse- and she said there wont be a need for D&C since it’s still in the first trimester. The doctor will most likely give you an injection to get rid of it, so relax.” Fola said, pulling her close.

Adeola fought back tears as the past months flashed right across her eyes.

“The doctor will see you now,” the second nurse announced.

Adeola was led down the brightly lighted corridor to the adjoining door by the left. The nurse opened it after two short taps and led Adeola inside.

“Have a sit,” the doctor said, as he walked smoothly back to his seat behind the mahogany desk.

He wore a nicely tailored white dress shirt and a pair of dark blue khaki trousers, complete with a brown moccasin. He looked right around forty years of age and he was intimidatingly handsome. Books wete stacked high on one side of the desk and his shelve had no extra space to tuck in a pen too. Sitting on the sofa right across him in the very spacious office was Femi, equally well groomed.

He stood up and started towards the exit, having satisfied his curiosity as to which campus girl was having her blood tested for oestrogen. She sat down embarrassingly.

“Uhmm, so the result of the test came out negative.” He announced with a slight smirk.

Adeola looked at him in disbelief. She wanted to query his statement but couldn’t find the voice to.

“What made you think you were pregnant in the first place, or did you perform the urine test? He continued.

Adeola, unable to twitch a muscle, still couldn’t find the voice to speak. She just stared deep into the hazel eyes of the doctor, as though mesmerised by their beauty.


Bello walked into the university clinic and asked the first nurse he saw just by the sitting area where the laboratory was.
She looked at him impatiently and asked what he wanted to do in the laboratory.

“I want to get tested for HIV. It’s supposed to be free right?” He asked in his usual husky voice.

The nurse directed him towards the laboratory and left abruptly.
In the laboratory, the technician sat behind a desk, gently tapping her glossy braid. She was a tall, enticingly fair young lady in her early twenties; with high cheekbones, a weirdly pointed nose and dark red matte lipstick smeared professionally on her full lips.

She turned gracefully as Bello walked into the large, white themed laboratory, revealing the blue jumpsuit beneath her lab coat.

“Hi,” she managed, with a beautiful smile.

Bello’s pace slowed as he beheld the being in front of him. He couldn’t keep his eyes off her and managed to voice a ‘hello’ as he moved towards her.

“I want to have a HIV test.”

“Is this your first time?” She asked, still smiling.

“Yes,” he lied.

“Oh, why have you decided to come in now?”

Sensing a strange curiosity in her line of questioning, “Thought it was about time I did it,” he lied again.


She stood from behind the desk, got a syringe and moved to his side. “Let’s get some blood.”

She smelled seductively of lavender and vanilla. “Some combination!” He thought.
He winced as she stuck in the needle and again she smiled. “Don’t be a baby,” she teased.

“Have you had sex lately?” She pursued, with an ironic smirk.


“How many girlfriends do you have?” She continued as she drained 5ml of his deoxygenated blood into the 10ml syringe.

“None!” Now staring into her eyes to guage her reaction.

She didn’t flinch, “give me some minutes, let’s get this tested.”

Ten minutes later, she emerged from an inner room and gave him a piece of paper, neatly folded. He quickly opened it and was greeted by the words ‘Non Reactive’ written boldly in black ink in front of RVS.
He looked up, “Uhmm, what does this mean?”

“Well, it means you’re HIV negative but you’ll still have to have another blood test in three months.”

That was all he needed to hear. “Are you free for lunch sometime soon?” He asked, with his most seductive smile.


15 thoughts on “The Beast Still Within Finale

  1. Im dancing right now 4 Adeola! Im giddy with excitement ryt now… dat boy bello must test positive 2 HIV in 3mnths……cant he jus see and look away! Mtscheeeew!


  2. Beast still within is still within 😀😂 Fabulous RN ehn, rotfl. Some epic finale. Seems like there’s an episode left. Deola doesn’t know her dad is dead yet. Etc. but it’s all good tho. Looking forward to other juicy posts. Well done sir!!


    • Lmao, can’t stop laughing at the title too.
      Uhmm, I wanted y’all to fill in the gaps nah. We all know she’s gonna travel home after and face the heartache of her dad’s demise. Plus, 10 episodes look cool😋
      Thanks as always mademoiselle. 😘


  3. And he ruined the deserving ending for Bello…….. Bello doesn’t have HIV, adeola isn’t pregnant….. A good ending for the victim and villain……. Such is life…………….. Love how u displayed ur biochemistry skills here as regards the tests…… Maybe that was the whole point of d finale anyways……

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lmao. Pele ehn, I know you wanted him to test positive. 😂😝
      BTW, why is Bello always the villain? 😕
      Hehe, five years cannot waste nah 😋😉
      Thanks b, I know you’re scared of our volleyball date btw. 😂🏃


  4. I knew it! She couldn’t have lost in two ways (the emotional side of writers that sometimes appeal for fairness is at work here though, even if some would probably kill the characters of her father, the foetus n most likely Adeola herself during the evacuation🤓😩). Well done bro! 👏🏽👊🏽👍🏽🍷I’m glad for her, glad for everyone except Bello.
    Karma will get Bello 😈🙄🙃🤕.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lmao! It actually crossed my mind to be honest (I was gunning for more blood after extinguishing the dad😈) but it won’t be fair on #TeamAdeola to lose her as you rightly pointed out.
      Since we saved Adeola, I guess it’s just right to leave Bello out of any calamity too. 😝 #TeamBello
      Karma is asleep sis, let Bello be! 👋
      Thanks as always miss.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Lol…finally finished!! dancing shoki for Adeola. Victory!!!!
    #teamadeola as for that bello somebody, until he has Hiv he wont rest abi? yeye boy. I love how it ended. Secretly hoped for bello to have aids sha ;).
    Great work Idris.

    Liked by 1 person

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