Trapped E1

I met the love of my life when I thought no one would ever love me as deeply as my first love. He had loved me and dumped me. Being the only son of his parents, he had always had high tastes and decided I was not sophisticated enough for him. That was right around the time his music career kick started and he was always in the company of models, shooting videos and frolicking.

He broke up with me with a text message! The height of it. “I’m sorry but we can’t continue like this,” was the eight words long breakup line. I knew he was referring to a conversation we had a couple of days back when he told me I’m no fun and our relationship was getting utterly boring. I had soaked it up then and took the horrible blow to the chin. But that SMS, I just couldn’t deal. I couldn’t take it in my stride. It killed me, it opened up old and sour wounds. I knew what he meant. I knew that was his way of telling me he had moved beyond me, the not so beautiful and boring girl.I still love him, I never stopped loving him. Matter of fact, I still listen to his music and watch his raunchy videos. To be completely honest, seeing him still makes me wet. He always had a way with his fingers and I always enjoyed his company.

It was actually beautiful in the beginning, he spoilt me. Again, to be completely honest, I always felt insecure around him. I basically have low self-esteem, and I’ve always wondered why he chose to be with me when he could just as easily could have been with beautiful and sociable girls.

He would write love songs for me and actually send them to me. He senerade me in my room sometimes and yes, he’s got such a wonderful voice. He once said I was his muse and I swear I would have guided him into me that night if my roomate had not walked in.
Actually, thinking about it now, I believe my roommate walking in all the time on us was the only reason I didn’t lose my virginity to him. I couldn’t go to his hostel in the one year we dated though, he lived in a flat and often have friends, mostly singers around, smoking and molesting those good for nothing money loving girls.

He had a certain hold over me. Like with the sex thing, he never asked for it, but I always wanted to serve him. Sometimes I think the only thing he wanted from me was the calm and tranquility he got around me. Oh yes, my breasts too, he loved them. Again, I don’t understand why because they are A cups. Maybe my tips sha, because my roommate once said they are amazing when aroused.

No, this is not about the spoilt brat that broke up with me with a SMS, this is about the guy that saw me and fell in love with all my flaws and imperfections. He adored me, he wanted all of me.


22 thoughts on “Trapped E1

  1. I didnt see a new story coming up so soon…….buh ds piece surely luks lyk its going 2 b mind blowing like TBW and TBSW. Glad 2 av anoda one so soon. Eku ise o

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  2. Beht only girls read this blog? Where are the ghost guys!!! Good job you’ve started, bright Sundays are here thanks to you. Keep it up sir, God bless your mind and fingers.

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