Trapped E2

I hate to think Segun broke up with me because of his friends. Thinking about it now, he never actually introduced me to any of his friends but he knew all of my immediate friends. All the times we met in school, he was usually alone or having left the company of his friends to see me. I never stopped to think too much about it then though. Even my friends were questioning why he never took me near his ‘boys’. Anyway, it doesn’t matter now jare.

I always liked and enjoyed his company actually. He once took two of my friends and I to the swimming pool one very hot Saturday afternoon. Feyi wore this especially provocative bikini while Gbemi was a bit modest in her swimsuit. I took all the pictures by the pool side that day. I didn’t have a swimming trunk and even if I did, I wouldn’t have worn it. I knew he expected me to be in the water with him and he was visibly disappointed when I told him I wouldn’t be swimming.

I was ok with him all over my friends though, actually, I was glad he had so much fun. Yet, I couldn’t help but notice Feyi being all over him, dragging him underwater and clinging unnecessarily to him. He kept his eyes on me though and I simply dismissed Feyi’s antics as her being her- the daring seductress. It should not go without saying that Feyi is also an exceptional swimmer, I still regret inviting her to the pool that day but I’m equally mad at myself for not shredding my inhibitions.

Well, I’m sure you know by now that I’m not so much fun to be with. I think I’m actually a bore. Honestly, i don’t really blame him for moving on from me. I’m just mad he broke it off with a SMS. It’s not like the signs were not there but I chose to ignore them. Hey, I’m still mad.

I know I said I was done talking about Segun, but that boy was amazing. Did I tell you how handsome he is? Kai! It was easy for me to say yes when he asked me out. I still remember that day, in the cafeteria with my beautiful squad. Who actually said birds of the same feather flock together? C’mon! Hehe, actually, maybe it’s the right saying, but no one said there cant be an odd one out. Heaven knows my friends have golden feathers. Mine is not exactly copper actually but again, it’s not bronze either. Simply put, I can be easily separated from my friends, visually. Actually, intellectually too. That’s the only place I trump them, I hope I don’t sound arogant though. Oh yeah, plus I’m reserved too, if that counts for something.

Yes, we were having lunch after a torrid day in class. Professor Onya made good on his promise to get back at us for boycotting his previous class. He went six hours of lectures with us. As if that was not enough, we had a twisted test after the exhaustive lecture. To make matters worse, he had made plans for his own lunch and dined right in front of us while we battled through the one hour test. As always, I had read ahead of his class and although the test was tricky, I had come across a similar economic and taxation scenario in one of my Accounting textbooks and so it wasn’t much of a hassle for me. Same could not be said of my friends though who made it very hard for me to concentrate during the lecture and test. They kept pestering me for the solutions and well, I couldn’t forsake them. Even Professor Onya could hear their bickering from miles away. I had finished some fifteen minutes before the allotted time but I definitely had to wait for my friends or they would tear me apart afterwards. Prof. Onya had a rueful smile on his face as he made his way out of the lecture hall, anyone would have seen that he was pleased with the ordeal he put us through. We departed for the cafeteria immediately after.

It was 4pm and the school was nearly empty. There was not much to choose from on the menu and I had to settle for fufu and one stale vegetable soup. I hate when I get to the cafeteria that late and I have to settle for what’s left. My friends didn’t seem to mind though, as they dug in and quenched the monstrous hunger.
My stomach was full and my friends were all laughing hard because I actually burped loudly. I was giving them the eyes when I saw him walking confidently towards us. His eyes were boring sensual holes through my chest and I was flushed. My friends followed the trail of my eyes and gasped at the sight they beheld too. I was in my final year and I had never seen this guy before. My school is not actually that huge but my faculty is somewhat far away from the school hub.

My friends readjusted and I was dead sure he was gonna try to get the contacts of Feyi, the cutest of all my friends. She was the only one who wasn’t overly giddy about his approach actually. She always had a hard to take approach to everything boys. But again, I could see the veiled excitement in her eyes.
“Hello,” he said, staring straight at me.
I was dumbfounded. I couldn’t believe he was talking to me. My friends were flabbergasted too actually. It was the look in their faces that jolted me to life.
“Hi,” i replied him, with my brightest smile. I couldn’t help it.

He called me everyday thence and we would always have lunch together in the cafeteria. He said there was something about the first time I spoke to him that made having lunch with me in that same cafeteria special. Whatever that meant. My friends were genuinely jealous and they didn’t fail to express their jealousy accordingly. I was happy though, I enjoyed getting one over them in that respect. Before Segun, that’s basically in all the four years I spent in the university, I never really had a real relationship. There used to be this guy that wanted me back home, but I rarely left the house whenever I’m home from school. A couple of other boys on my facebook account too, but again, they were just there to while away my free time. Boys can start meaningless conversations though.

So, to get all that attention and love from such a cute guy was the height of it for me. But again, like I said, that was in the beginning.


5 thoughts on “Trapped E2

  1. Hanhan! This guy must be from another world……..well first loves are usually like that. Nice Episode. I love the way the story sounds personal. Good work.

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  2. Honey, this is write is so upbeat. I’m loving this new character already. What can I do, so you can make it twice a week baby. #hehe. If what I’ve done with this comment is not enough..darling. πŸ˜πŸ˜‰

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