Trapped E3


 I had always thought the concept of love and loving someone were supposed to be more fun and rosy. I had listened with rapt attention how my friends went on and on about what a beautiful thing love was. Yes, it stings you at first then it begins to sooth you. For me, I guess it was all twisted on its head. The ugly thing blew warm, enjoyable air before taking chunks out of my size eight body. It donned on me that maybe, I was not good enough for him after all. They say time heals all wounds but I believe my time ran on the hour glass mentality. It was slow, painful and grainy. Emotions percolated in and out of me in all tiny pores and holes. I was down, deflated and agonized.

This was about the time I learnt that my drama queen of a friend had hooked up with Segun, and that was about a few days after that SMS. I thought there was supposed to be a certain girl code that forbids girls dating their friend’s ex-boyfriends but alas, it was just in principle. I hate it when I hear about a rule and I fervently live and abide by it while some ‘mighty’ others break the same said rules without remorse or regrets. Feyi successfully snatched my boyfriend because she was way cuter than I am and there was nothing I could do about it. I sucked it up and refrained from being drawn into an awkward brouhaha with her over an admittedly cute guy.

It hit me as strange that our other friends in the close knitted clique didn’t really raise any eye brow, bunch of sycophants! “You guys weren’t dating anymore nah!” Their brilliant justification. How on earth didn’t they see that she had been doing something underneath her perceived indifference? She couldn’t even wait till we left school to make her move or something. She was loving up to him just four days after! Wheew! Such is the story of my ugly self.

Indeed, karma works in mysterious ways. People talk about it with such reverence sometimes and to be honest, I thought it was just another concept for the scorned. Well, events taught me it is indeed a thing, a thing of reckon. Rumors had it that Segun tapped into her honey jar consistently and without restraint. I guess she was trying to make him stay by feeding him to his full capacity. But being Segun as he is, his sexual depths are so deep! He eventually had his full and tossed her aside for a younger and fresher ‘fresher’ after a mere 47 days (Well, I kept count! *side-eyes*), exactly one week to our final exams.

I had left the company of my treacherous friends after the breaking episode and they paid dearly for it in the final exams. I prepared and wrote all my papers alone and as expected, I aced it completely. The same could not be said of them though, because the ‘efiwe’ they replaced me with couldn’t help them sufficiently. Again, rumors had it that they all failed at least one course and that spelt automatic carry over. Jajajajajajahahahajajaja. I can’t fit laugh biko!

Oh, I’ve still not told you how I met the love of my life abi, chill. Remember I mentioned before that there was one guy back home, the one I said barely got to see me? Well… Fate! Yeah, did I mention his dad has this beautiful duplex just a stone throw from our own vintage cottage? Anyway, he had been calling me quite frequently since after my breakup. I think the guy is psychic actually. Because I still can’t explain why his calls and texts increased few days after my breakup. It’s weird, don’t you think?


7 thoughts on “Trapped E3

  1. Sweet sth. That’s all I can say. But then people hardly follow them codes anymore these days. “Anywhere belle face” and “all join” is the deal now. Nice episode. Keep it up b.

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  2. Eyitomilayo always beats me to the comments. I will beat you o. Give me small chance na. Rotfl. You definitely have eyes for good things. Thumbs up b. Xoxo.

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