Trapped E4

I spent a couple more weeks in school after my final defense (which I aced), saying my last goodbyes to friends and packing up. My hostel mates especially found it hard to believe I was finally leaving. I could see the hurt in their eyes as I emptied my room one cloth at a time. Banjo would definitely miss my dinner. Dad was supposed to come pick me up on that Saturday but he made up some silly excuse and left me hanging. Well, he more than made up for it by transferring a substantial amount of money into my account though. Hehe, I loved that he didn’t come after all.

I got a cozy cab from the park and the old man diligently arranged all my stuffs (mainly big traveling bags stuffed with my clothes) into the back of the car. I gave out most of my furnitures and wares. The one hour journey back home was smooth. The man rarely started annoying in-car conversations and I absolutely had my ears plugged all the way. I alighted infront of my house and the man even helped me move my bags into the compound. Mum eventually gave him extra thousand bucks for his troubles, he earned it.

Going back to wave the cab man goodbye, there he was, in all his ebony beauty, smiling beautifully at me from the front of his house which was adjacent mine. The cab man zoomed off and I could hear him greet the old man as he drove past him. I felt glued to the spot as he made his glorious approach. He walked with an amazing gait, confident in each step and smiled all the way.

“Hey, how was the trip?” His lips were pink and enticing. Hugging each syllable as he spoke.

“It was good, thanks,” I managed to reply.
His smile was so distracting, I couldn’t deal.

“We’ll talk after you get some rest ok?” He continued with that sweet smile still plastered on his chiseled face.

I could only nod sheepishly. Why did he have to be a gentleman? I absolutely wanted him to offer to spend the rest of the day with me on that encounter. I had always known he was sweet, judging from all our conversations but I didn’t experience it first hand until that moment. Actually, that was only the second time we would chat for more than five minutes.


The first time we met, when I gave him my contacts, was more like a meeting-the-neighbor thing. I was walking by his gate when he drove out in his 2003 camry. He slowed the car to match my pace (Nollywood style) and asked if I was going his way. I politely declined his cloaked offer and continued on the side walk. I was actually going to the market which was some thirty minutes and two hundred naira away from the estate. Yet, I didn’t wanna ride in some stranger’s car, even when I’ve seen him drive out of the same compound a couple of times. He picked up on my inhibitions and actually parked his car behind me. He got out and called at me to wait up. I’ll be honest with you, it got me. My guard dropped still when he beamed his signature smile. Anyway, he got my phone number thence and I continued on foot to the junction.


I turned and walked towards the gate and I could feel his eyes on me. I had never been that self conscious in my entire life and my steps quickened involuntarily. I locked the gate behind me and caught his smiling face. He had indeed been watching my every step, staring at my butt presumably. I can’t really remember if I was swaying effusively or not, but I do have a penchant for swaying my considerably huge butt when I’m nervous.

I spent the rest of the evening with mum, gisting. There was so much to talk about and I was so glad to be back in her wonderful company. She told me about her suspicions of dad wheeling around a young girl and all. It was funny to be honest and you had to see the jealousy in her eyes. Perhaps I should tell you about my family and indeed, me.



9 thoughts on “Trapped E4

  1. Alfa! Good one again 2day n I even read all while standing and telling my Younger brother 2 leave me alone! But why do they all have big asses Alfa #suspicious……..BTW sm1 has beaten me to the first ‘commenter’ n shes not saying anything about it.

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    • Jajajahahahahahajajajajahaha!!!😹😹😹
      Your eyes caught that? 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾Cmon b, cmon! Me i dunno o, it’s what it is nah. 😝😝😝

      Hehe, you’re being ‘dethroned’ gradually. 🏃🏾🏃🏾🏃🏾


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