Trapped E5

Mum as usual had prepared dinner in anticipation of my arrival. Rice, with loads of plantain- my favorite. She has this way of pampering me to the extreme whenever I get back home after a long absence. I knew the period of grace would end by the birth of a new morn, so I reveled in the comfort of the moment. I had dinner and left her in the sitting room on the pretext that I was tired and had to get some sleep.  It was 7:47pm, dad wasn’t back and mum was on again about his philandering. I had had enough really and I needed an excuse to go to my room. A particularly popular movie started on Afmag just as I stood up (I can’t seem to remember the title), which seemed to quieten her and so she wasn’t really bothered about me leaving her to go to bed.

I had been checking my phone for Ahmed’s messages to no avail. Just a couple of guys crossing me with silly ‘hellos’ and ‘heys’. Mum had already cleaned up my room before I arrived, I locked the door behind me and sunk into my bed. I tried to sleep but I was taunted by his smile and the mawkish look he had on his face as he watched me. I debated texting him in my head for a few minutes and decided to give my heart the peace it deserves.


Nothing tortures the heart like an unreplied text. I was beginning to regret texting him when my phone beeped, accompanied by the blinking red light. I smiled but I was mad! Why did he have to keep me waiting? I chose to not read or reply too and revel in the ache the anxiety caused him.


I am the only daughter of my parents. My dad has a son from a previous marriage though but I had never met my step brother or his mum. I heard the mum divorced my dad and relocated abroad or something. She was from an affluent family and according to my mum, dad was struggling at that time so the woman left him without notice, taking their son with her.

We are a christian family and my parents are overprotective! They seemed to have eased up since I bagged my first class degree in Accounting but that strong hold is still apparent. Yes, by now you should know that my dad perhaps has a girlfriend but I don’t know why my forty- six year old mum is jealous. My dad is sixty-six and cute though, I don’t have a problem with him having a thirty-something year old girlfriend. Just don’t date someone around my age bracket. My mum should not have to worry herself as long as he fulfills all his commitments to us, in my opinion. I planned to get my masters degree after my youth service and be free of their drama.


I woke up to his missed call on a crisp Saturday morning. He must have figured I slept off seeing that he called just once. He called back three hours later. Mum always cooked and I only had to do the dishes. I had overslept and she was kind enough not to wake me up. I got out of my cloths and had a long cold bath. Dad was already sitted infront of the tv when I got to the parlor. I greeted him and sat down on the sofa to eat my dinner. We rarely used the dinning table, and my favorite show was on too.

I noticed mum avoided dad like a plague all morning and I figured they had a fight the night before. I was unperturbed by it though, especially when my dark Ahmed called me just as I finished my breakfast and asked if I was available for lunch. Our first date, I was excited.

It was exactly 2pm when he picked me up from our gate. The interior of his car was cozy and neat. I love a neat and organised guy, he was it, he was all it. He took me to a famous restaurant in town and we had a good time. He didn’t ask too much questions as he diligently allowed me enjoy my meal. It was one of those restaurants where a fork and knife is placed beside your meal. I struggled to sufficiently devour the chicken to my satisfaction but I ‘poshed’ my way through still. He seemed comfy with the cutlery  and he smiled intermittently, perhaps at my struggles.

That was the beginning of many more dates and I grew into the relationship.

Oh, you should know that I was about nineteen then and he was a twenty-four year old gentleman.


6 thoughts on “Trapped E5

  1. Twenty-four year old gentleman. 🙂 Someone is definitely in love.

    The thing about neat guys is that they can also be neat about doing things, and getting away neatly. Okay, I’ve gone too far. 🙂

    Lets see where this leads… and please be putting jara; after all we’re reading a lot from you.

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