Chills ran down my long spine 
As I laid against the soft bed 
Ears tightly plugged. 

Sensual notes poured unrestrained into my eardrums 
And I savored the cacophony of alluring sounds 
Off my favorite compilation. 

The symphony seeped through my veins 
And enriched my soul
I had never felt so connected 
To tunes and harmonics like this before. 

Could it be the keys?
Maybe it’s the dexterity 
In the compositions 
That got to me. 

Either way, 
It’s a jolt in my morning
The tranquility I crave in the dusk 
And all the excitement I need 
In the ‘special times’ in between. 

The moon is full tonight 
And my ‘red wolf’ calls from the croft, Calling me in an ancient ‘Norse’
One that only this symphony 
Could keep me from answering.


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