Everything Changes


Everything changes

The cacoon opens into a roach

And that larvae flies in alluring colours.

Everything changes

The camphor sublimes

And that beautiful face wrinkles.

Everything changes

The greatest love fades

And that sinewed heart unravels.

Everything changes

The certain becomes an uncertainty 

And that constancy changes. 

Everything changes

The poison becomes a remedy

And that remedy marinates into a menace. 

Everything changes 

The mornings become unbearably cold

And that warmth deserts the summer.

Everything changes

The morrow is not promised

And that forever is not certain.

Everything changes

The heart used to be cold as snow

And now it’s tender beyond recognition. 


2 thoughts on “Everything Changes

  1. You and all these ur deeply thought poems…….brilliant one 2day again #thumbsup……..BTW…..ki loun je sabbatical leave…….no sabbatical 4u o! Ma tie lo ro rara at all


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