Blue and bold

A joy to behold

Warm in its core 

Yet pretty vast and obscure. 

Hold your breath

And spring off your length

Hands or head first

Plunge straight into my frost. 

Sink in my water 

Explore the depths

Don’t be scared

Flap you hands. 

Keep your eyes open underwater 

Find your way around

Marvel at my corals and gems

Feel the rough edges. 

Run out of air

Drown in me and

Fill your lungs with me

Let go, don’t fight it. 

This is the end

Of your inhibitions 

Drink of me to stupor 

And shed that old worn skin. 

Now you reckon with me

‘Cos I run in your plasma 

Much more than your  blood

Little of me in your being. 


2 thoughts on “Aquarian

  1. Awwwww! I really love this……had 2 read it twice! Good one as usual again. More ink to your biro. N lemme be d 1st 2 wish you a happy birthday in advance dear?

    Liked by 1 person

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