Disclaimer: Don’t get addicted, this is neither my real face nor a comeback… I’m merely flirting with words and I’ll surely leave you hanging again (Flirting 101: Seduce. Vilify. Ignore.). Should you be mad at me? Absolutely! But hey, I’ll be… Nevermind!
In the meantime, let’s all enjoy this rare weekend of poetry…
TITLE? No matter…

Swaying on a fresh euphoria
I stumbled into an overpriced store
Stunning on the outside
And even eye catching on the inside
I helped myself in
And wondered what the doorman’s job was.

Considering I was just in the scorching sun
The air conditioning unit did its job
Well, machine has always trumped man.

Circumventing the spiral stairs
A few steps towards the grocery deck
And I lost sight of time
Mesmerized by the figure that loomed ahead
Casting an ethereal figure on my optics.

Straight and eight
How I love my women thick!
A new found attraction
But I wander…

Bulked at exotic positions
I couldn’t help but stare
At the goddess that stood ahead.

I wanted to forge ahead
But my legs betrayed me
They wouldn’t burge
Like they were awestruck too
When I needed them the most?!

My mouth to the rescue
Oh, what a happy day!
I CALLED out at the apparition
She turned amid flabbergast
I would be startled too.
I didn’t care
I couldn’t move
So I needed her to waltz over.

Those legs
That angelic movement
Wait, am I dead?!

TBC… 🙅🙅🙅


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