Streaming along the ziggy cracks

Crimson lines of hurtful tears

Oozing from her hallowed heart 

Or what’s left of it. 

Sucked and squeezed of life

The once boisterous behold

Now an ugly harrowing sight

White as winter’s snow. 

A victim of gullibility 

Caught in an obvious web

An elaborate con

Devised to make her weak heart weep.

She promised never to love again

Or give her heart out for its meagre worth

The damaged goods that she is

Or maybe she doesn’t know it yet. 

But along came another spider

On the unique leap of time

Patching up the broken pieces

Of her insipid heart.

Spinning and webbing

It became apparent she is beyond saving

The pieces have become deadly shrapnel 

Some acts are not worth the pain…


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